Home Remedies For Killing Fruit Flies

You got back home right from a extended day at the office, starving and also tired. You depart down into the pantry, filled with gorgeous as well as fragrant fruits. You pick up a flavorsome looking apple, purely to uncover that its underside is undoubtedly absolutely rotten.

Nevertheless hold it...precisely what seemed to be that? Is there a little something flying around you? Instantly, you notice you are not by yourself...

*You've got Fruit Flies!*

You shouldn't stress! There's an answer and it is going to be fairly easy. However, let's check out these types of interesting very little demons.

Exactly what are fruit flies?

Fruit flies, or Drosophilae melanogaster, happen to be little two-winged bugs. They are brown in shade with hefty red eye balls plus are usually mainly 3mm in size!

Fruit flies feed on alcohol as well as, despite their little size, have an amazing sense of smell. A fruit fly can easily sense a over ripe apple from a few miles out.

This process is really how the fruit fly enters your property initially. It is attracted to the fermenting fruit, finds it, then it begins feeding and breading upon and next to the fruits. Or it was currently within or across the fruit at the time you bought it and took it back home.

Fruit flies DON'T develop within the fruit, as some individuals seem to suspect.

Fruit Fly: Buddy or Foe?

As much as I love critters, and perhaps some small insects, and tend not to desire to injure them, I do *not* adore fruit flies.

They are tiny and annoying. A particular instant you are peacefully savoring a yummy peach. The next you are surrounded by tiny little devil bugs, each and every one seeking to grab a piece of some prime peachy real estate.

And because of the fact that they are very small, you'll find it practically tough to swat these insects away. The following gets quite annoying rapidly. You find yourself giving the impression of a jackass, throwing your hands around your head as if in some mad, fruit-induced rage.

Clearly, I hate these kind of small insects.

A Few Simple Methods on Killing Fruit Flies

Thank goodness, there are numerous distinct ways to win the bug battle. The approach I choose is simply three methods and isn't going to involve physical destruction on your part (i.e. mashing, smashing, swating, and so forth.) of the fruit flies.

Genuinely, that can be very pleasing...


 * Normal size bowl

 * Clear plastic wrap

 * A little something sharp and pointy (i.e. toothpick, pencil, scissors, knife, and so on.)

 * Sweet and fragrant fruit leftovers (melon performs well)


 * Once you have fruitfully wolfed down some appetizing fruit, lay what's remaining into the bowl. You can actually additionally use beer, maple syrup, sugar water or honey...something sweet and aromatic.

 * Get the plastic wrap and set it firmly above the bowl. You want it as tightly as it can be.

 * With your pointy tool, poke small holes most throughout the plastic cover.

The bugs are going to be pulled in with the sweet odor and voyage by way of the holes in to the bowl. Unknowingly to them, there isn't any escape...


Preventative Steps

To ward off these agents of aggravation from coming back again towards your humble abode, only thing you will want to do is get rid of the root of the cause.

The root of the cause, of course, is rotting fruit. Keep track of the type of raw solid foods within your home and check them day after day for soft areas, mold, and also the scent of alcohol. When you find any of these, tie up the offensive fruit up inside a bag and place in an outdoor trashcan.

In case you do ever discover some more fruit flies, you already know what to do...

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